new poem

Happy New Year! I pray that 2012 has started off strong and well for all of you. Things got very busy for our family once Thanksgiving came and it didn’t really stop until this past week. I’ve never been to so many Christmas parties in my life! I wrote “Heart […]


This has been probably the longest, most difficult year of my family’s life. We have never seen financially stability in the last eleven months. Family has walked away from us over decisions we’ve made. Our van broke at the end of July and won’t be returned until sometime this week. […]


We all have dreams for our children. We want them to succeed at whatever their heart desires, we want them to find a relationship with God, and some of us dream that our child will follow in our footsteps in their chosen profession. Our son is already showing interest in […]

Faith Like a Child

Jesus was a healer, and He still is. Throughout His ministry the most frequent miracle was a healing. He healed bodies, but in the process, He also healed hearts. By healing their infirmities Jesus brought each of those people closer to God, even though some didn’t accept it. “Healer (Mark […]

Servant’s Heart