So, recently I jotted down the last words of the follow-up book to Wind Off the Lake, which was a thrill for me. I have been telling this story in my mind for much longer than the three plus years I’ve been writing it. What surprised me is the depression that’s […]

It’s Over?

I have been living with multiple sclerosis since March 13, 2012. My vision has been affected. My balance has been affected. My energy level has been affected. My relationship with my family has been affected. It has changed my entire life. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease where the immune […]

Different, Not Less

I began writing my first novel with my best friend in eighth grade. We imagined ourselves dating, and then marrying, our favorite college basketball players in what could only be described as the ultimate fan fiction. I still read pieces of our creation from time to time and am amazed […]

A Novel Idea

Poetry has been a blessing to me since I was a child. I can remember my grandma, an English teacher, and my mom sharing books containing poems that taught me about the pictures that verses can paint. One of my favorite memories is when Jack Prelutsky, a children’s poetry author, […]

Blessing with Each Verse