The cross around someone’s neck
What does it mean
Is it a profession of faith
Or just a pretty piece of metal

The cross on the side of the road
Why is it there
As a memorial to a life lost
Or just an empty gesture

The cross at the top of a church
What does it represent
A place filled with the presence of God
Or just a tradition being followed

The cross on a business sign
Where does it lead
To an owner who answers to a higher boss
Or to just a clever marketing ploy

The cross on TV
Who put it there
Someone reaching out to save
Or someone reaching out for your wallet

The cross on a hill
Where did it go
Have we all forgotten
What really happened there

Crosses everywhere
Shouldn’t we be pleased
But what good is a cross
Stripped of its King

Composition Date: November 9th, 2009

Holli’s Notes:
The cross has been a focus for me lately. I’ve been having a lot of visions of the cross and I think it is where He wants me to stay right now.

About Holli Swank

Holli Swank has been writing for more than twenty years and finds great joy in sharing her deep faith in God through her poems. She is the mother of three children and has been married for almost 18 years. She also loves spending time with her two cats. Holli was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in mid-2013, giving her a unique perspective for her poetry.