One Moment 1

One moment a king
The next moment a babe
As the angels began to sing
He joined those He came to save

One moment a crown of glory
The next moment swaddling clothes
As the shepherds heard the story
The winds of peace start to blow

One moment a hopeless people
The next moment changes history
As we received a gift without equal
God’s love no longer a mystery

One moment distance and a veil
The next moment the Messiah arrived
As joy rained down like hail
He has come to give us eternal life

About Holli Swank

Holli Swank has been writing for more than twenty years and finds great joy in sharing her deep faith in God through her poems. She is the mother of three children and has been married for almost 18 years. She also loves spending time with her two cats. Holli was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in mid-2013, giving her a unique perspective for her poetry.