Slave 2

How long is this road
It feels like forever
I’ve been walking in shadows
Just wishing for light

Any object would do
A sun or a star
A flashlight, a candle
Please, anything bright

For years now it seems
Enslaved, captive and bound
My soul imprisoned by Satan
My life such a fright

Sinning and hating
Doing everything wrong
Nothing positive in me
Nothing clean, just, or right

But, now, something is changing
Could it be that I’m not what I thought
Could there be hope for me still
Beyond the anger and spite

I see peace, I see love
But … this cannot be
I’m too far gone
I’m a horrible sight

“God loves and takes care of you.”
Is that what He said?
This man standing near me
Dressed in robes of pure white

I drop to my knees
As the tears start to fall
Unable to argue
Unable to fight

Gently He holds me
As I relay the whole tale
Then He looks in my eyes
I feel a fire ignite

This feeling I have
Of redemption, release
I must spread the news
I need to excite

I must let them know
About what He can do
About all of His wonders
His power and might

I wandered for ages
With no hope to be found
Believing I had no worth
And evil all I invite

But just look at me now
After finding the Lord
By Christ’s mercy and grace
I’ve been freed from the night

Composition Date: January 24th, 2009

Holli’s Notes:
The inspiration for one line in this poem was actually born close to three years ago and had lain dormant since. I was waiting for the right time to use it, and I finally found it. The poem is greatly autobiographical; I struggled with depression and darkness in my life for a long period of time.

About Holli Swank

Holli Swank has been writing for more than twenty years and finds great joy in sharing her deep faith in God through her poems. She is the mother of three children and has been married for almost 18 years. She also loves spending time with her two cats. Holli was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in mid-2013, giving her a unique perspective for her poetry.

2 thoughts on “Slave

  • sonja

    Dear Holli
    Your words move me to tears.. a cleansing.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful and honest heart. I have been struggling to get to a place where I can write – articulate the fears, pain, joy – my love and gratitude to the Lord. Each time i sit down to write, the darkness – confusion – dense fog descends, the door closes- the thoughts words which flowed so freely in the past are now trapped inside. You have inspired me to re-visit my numerous one-lines and press forward. Thank you!
    God bless and keep you – Father God, You are Jehovah Rapha our Healer. We decree and declare that Holli’s mind, body soul and spirit is made whole, placing under our feet every residue of sickness, deficiency, disease be it MS or other. We ask that you release an army of ministering angels to encamp around Holli, that she be aligned to your will and purpose for her life. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.

    • Holli Swank Post author

      I am honored to have inspired you with my poetry. Thank you for the prayer. He is good and He knows best. All good things come from God and you will find your words again.

      God bless!

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